SCENE & HEARD returns for it’s third year and boasts a multi genre onslaught of hit music anthems on a Summer’s Sunday afternoon!
Big hits, big sounds and even larger memories…. Scene & Heard ticks a few off the bucket list. When you need a break from the hit factories on stage, cruise by with immersive experience, a dabble of the weird and wonderful, Artisan produce made with passion and perseverance, that provide not only a unique taste but immerses you in a multi-sensory experience from food, festival beverage
and sights.

The festival will be fully immersive spanning 2 stages:
• The first stage will be dedicated to the LIVE & rockin’ artform – Rock & Roll.
• The second stage will be showcasing the electronic pioneers and mainstays of our time.

This true live music festival, its size and scope will deliver the ultimate experience for those who crave THE

Main Stage

SCENE & HEARD is creating more than a festival. It’s creating a connection to a time. A time before people cared about ‘likes’, and festival moments weren’t instagram opportunities but collective memories.

Don't Come Monday Stage

Don’t Come Monday Stage – a party zone designed to evoke only the best memories of the boiler room, nightclubs and dance floor moves that you thought you’d forgotten!

Interactivity & Experience

A fantasy filled throwback overload, but only for those who dare to dive into the tree trunk…or hug it!

Jungle Boogie
An overgrown existence. Be consumed with the natural aspects, one’s self and seam yourself into JUNGLE BOOGIE. Get in TUNE with a splice of whimsical naturism and modernity….Community, culture, and wellbeing is our focus. We will create an interactive, tangible entertainment-based experience that includes naturalistic theme, a childlike garden fantasy and a refocus on ourselves. A magical space engaging creativity and igniting the imagination in sustainable and natural environment. Naturistic Interactivity is your muse for creative play….and party!

Give in to your natural urges at Jungle Boogie…

Local Motions

Fostering local talent and showcasing the personality of Newcastle –  The Hunter community. Through this mindset several initiatives have been further developed to be integrated into the festival:

  • Local Arts Community
  • Local Underground Creative Community
  • Local Cultural Icons & Influencers
  • Local Retail
  • Education & Work Placement Programs
    • Hunter TAFE
    • Hamilton TAFE
  • As always there is a strong focus on involving local business and produce at all levels throughout the festival:
  • Food Stalls: Local produce and suppliers
  • Arts & Crafts market stalls: Local artists and stallholders
  • Bars: Local Staff & Suppliers
  • Artists: Local support bands and performers
  • Theme and Décor: Local young artists and students

Scene & Heard is indebted to Newcastle for its continued patronage and looks forward to helping sustain the vibrant community into the future.